Restoration/ Refurbishment/ Extension

“No project is ever deemed finished unless I would be happy with it in my own home”
-La Manga Builders
  • L M B as your project management team, employ a structured approach to all domestic building works enabling us to offer an exceptional service.
  • Should you not have an image in your mind of how the finished work will look, we can employ a local architectural designer to produce some 3D imagery to inspire you.
  • If, on the other hand, you have a definite idea in mind, or even detailed plans or drawings, we simply confirm the plans adhere to building regulations and permissions, and proceed from there.
  • Adding an extension need not necessarily mean a one or two storey outside addition. You may want to consider ‘extending’ by making better use of your property’s existing footprint.
  • Should this require the removal of walls/structural support etc.,we can advise on the implications of this and any licensing requirements needed.
  • Many of the La Manga Club Properties are old now and subject to the design limitations of the era in which they were built.
  • We have had considerable experience in remodelling homes throughout the Club and are happy to advise.
  • As already explained, we have developed a strong base of trade specialists who will carry out the work.
Recent Restoration/ Refurbishment/ Extension projects